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'Anti-Woke' Is the New Whig Party: It Will Collapse for the Very Same Reason

Political coalitions often carry the seeds of their own destruction.

In the 1830s, for instance, Americans with different interests and values came together to form the new Whig Party. They had solid principles and won electoral victories, but the coalition lacked something essential. In less than a generation, it collapsed, and the Whig Party vanished.

Today’s “anti-woke” coalition parallels the 19th-century Whig experience. Modern anti-woke types also have solid principles, and these could produce short-term electoral victories. Yet the anti-woke coalition lacks the same essential ingredient that doomed the Whigs.

To understand the parallel, one must first understand what united the Whigs — as well as what did not.

By 1832, President Andrew Jackson had done something no American president had yet done. He had rallied the disgruntled, disaffected and despised masses behind both his personal leadership and the rhetoric of emerging democracy. In short, he became the first president of the “common man.”

Jackson’s presidency represented a curious blend of Unionism, aggressive racist expansionism and anti-elitism. Democrats under Jackson became the party of “white man’s democracy.” Jackson governed by the force of his personality.

Not everyone approved.

For instance, Jackson’s decision to veto a bill re-chartering the Second Bank of the United States in 1832 imperiled economic nationalism. Sen. Henry Clay of Kentucky and Sen. Daniel Webster of Massachusetts had pinned their hopes on tariffs and internal improvements.

Likewise, when Jackson threatened to use force unless South Carolina abandoned its 1832 Ordinance of Nullification — a favorite idea of Jackson antagonist and sitting Vice President John C. Calhoun — the president made enemies of many who believed in what they called “states’ rights.”

Meanwhile, Jackson’s push to resettle eastern Indian tribes west of the Mississippi roused indignation. Rep. John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts called it “a perpetual harrow upon my feelings.”

Above all, anti-Jackson men objected to the president’s personal style of rule. They mocked him as “King Andrew.” To highlight their anti-regal sentiments, they adopted the name “Whig” from 17th-century English opponents of unrestrained monarchy.

Calhoun did not join Clay, Webster and Adams as Whigs, but other Southerners did. Gen. William Henry Harrison and John Tyler, both of Virginia, formed the Whigs’ first winning presidential ticket in 1840. Eight years later, Gen. Zachary Taylor — another Virginia military man — carried the Whig standard into the presidency.

A young Abraham Lincoln also joined his hero Clay and became a Whig.

Thus, the Whigs built a multi-sectional, anti-Jackson coalition and did many things right. In fact, had Clay not narrowly lost New York’s 36 electoral votes in 1844, the Whigs would have swept that decade’s presidential elections.

By the early 1850s, however, the Whigs had vanished altogether. No one could have predicted it in the 1840s, but the Whigs had done one thing wrong.

They failed to notice the simmering.

When Democrats built a national party around the idea of a “white man’s democracy,” they abandoned the aspirations of equality and natural rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

In so doing, Democrats effectively ensured that the institution of slavery would destroy the country.

The “white man’s democracy” meant that Democrats had no choice but to divorce slavery from all moral considerations.

Southern Democrats sought to expand slavery westward. Calhoun called it a “positive good.”

Northern Democrats adopted a “care not” policy. If white men voted for slavery, then they must have slavery. Democracy demanded it.

Whigs hoped to ignore slavery. They responded with milquetoast compromises designed to save the Union and preserve the Whig coalition. Those compromises succeeded in doing neither.

As long as slavery merely simmered, the Whig coalition thrived. When sectional animosities over slavery boiled to the surface, however, Whiggery evaporated.

Today’s “anti-woke” coalition has Whiggish qualities.

For one thing, it attracts people with different interests and values and unites them against authoritarian narcissism.

The parallel appears not in the object opposed but in the union of strange bedfellows. Jackson did have authoritarian impulses, but he deserves credit for attacking the Second Bank and the nullifiers. Wokeness, on the other hand, has only repellent aspects.

Thus, woke narcissists have roused and united an opposition.

Traditional conservatives such as Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson of the Daily Wire have resisted woke madness. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has done likewise and forged a strong gubernatorial legacy.

Former President Donald Trump also has espoused strong anti-woke views. So has Tucker Carlson. Indeed, anti-wokeness unites supporters of both DeSantis and the more populist Trump movement.

A few former Democrats have turned conservative in part over wokeness. This short list includes commentator Dave Rubin and former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Would you describe yourself as "anti-woke"?

Finally, some traditional liberals and leftists with large audiences have blasted wokeness. Bill Maher, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, comedian and YouTuber Jimmy Dore and the atheist actor Stephen Fry all have resisted the woke infection.

This constitutes an impressive coalition, but does it have electoral staying power? And what happens when the conservative cultural reaction buries wokeness?

In short, what simmers?

Recall that the Democrats’ embrace of slavery represented a betrayal of the nation’s Founding principles.

A similar feeling of betrayal haunts us today. One senses a palpable ferment because of it.

We cannot fix our attention on a single grotesque institution such as slavery. Instead, we have a number of institutions unrelated to wokeness, and all are telling us the same thing.

This is not the country we thought it was.

Those of us who grew up believing that the United States represented a force for good in the world have had our illusions shattered.

For one thing, the fusion between the Democratic Party and federal agencies has politicized and corrupted our justice system. Federal intelligence and law-enforcement agents make no pretense to objectivity. They and the Democrats serve the deep state.

Likewise, with the help of establishment Republicans, Democrats and the deep state push war profiteering and empire. Wealth flows from the hinterlands to the imperial capital, enriching the military-industrial complex and its agents.

Globalists seek to impoverish and even eradicate the individual. Censors silence dissent.

All of these illusion-shattering developments highlight concentrations of power in a parasitic ruling class.

Arguments over rainbow flags and critical race theory will unite us for a while. And we will win because we have truth on our side.

But what do we do about the simmering?

Anti-wokeness gives us no answer. Maher, for instance, still believes that the Democratic Party stands for democracy and that Trump threatens us with fascism. No durable coalition can survive on such nonsense.

On the other hand, anti-woke stalwarts such as Gabbard, Brand, Rogan and Dore have also detected the simmering. In various ways, they have spoken against deep-state authoritarianism, endless wars and war profiteering, globalism and censorship.

In short, a durable coalition must remain anti-woke, but it also must unite adherents against a parasitic ruling class.

It must not ignore the simmering issue that threatens the republic.

It must not go the way of the Whigs.

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NFL Star Says He Was Hospitalized Against His Will, 'Injected' with Unknown Substance

In a series of handwritten notes posted on X, Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones claimed the Las Vegas fire department last week took him to a mental hospital where he was injected with an unknown substance.

Earlier this month, in an Instagram story, Jones posted an ID badge belonging to Dr. Heather Thanepohn, clinic manager of the Las Vegas Crisis Response Team, saying she was sent to his home by the team and told him to come with her because he was in danger, according to Bleacher Report.

Jones has yet to play a down for the Raiders this season.

“I was taken in by the Las Vegas fire department last week against my will,” Jones posted on X, with the caption, “First day out but I’m still aligned.”

“I was injected with I don’t know what,” he wrote, according to the New York Post’s reading of the hand-written notes.

Jones said “a group of 5 to 7” people showed up. He claimed he was put in an ambulance, injected and then one hospital with “no cell phone or no communication.”

He was taken to a second hospital, he wrote, where staff there “tried to force” him to take “meds and injections.”

Jones said the Las Vegas Police Department instigated the situation after they put in a “court hold” on him due to a “concerning” social media post.

“I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Jones wrote.

Jones said at one point he had to sleep on the floor.

“This place is NOT a place for high-profile athletes,” he wrote about the hospital.

Jones said family members brought him clothes and food and read him Bible verses.

“I’m still confused on what I did wrong,” Jones said, who said he was “very sane.”

“All I know is whoever put me here had bad intentions. I’m to (sic) strong of a person to be mentally broken. For all of my friends that know me, THEY KNOW!!!”

“I called Raiders GM 6 to 7 times asking for help and wondered if he had put me in here, but he never answered. I even left him voicemails,” he wrote, referring to Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler who he said earlier this month he did not want to play for.

A patient rights document was also posted, with the sections Jones felt were violated highlighted.

“I was just trying to figure out why I’m not allowed in the building still and why do I have to continue to watch my brothers suffer every Sunday. But no answer,” Jones wrote in his recent post.

Last week, the Raiders put Jones on the non-football illness list, opening up his roster spot,  according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“I can’t do anything about it at this point,” coach Josh McDaniels said. “We’re just respecting that process and understand the situation, and that’s really all I can say about it.”

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Tucker Carlson: The Promise Being Made by Abortion Advocates Is 'As Old as Time'

Despite the overwhelming secularism of our age, it’s refreshing to see public figures — themselves often products of secularism — begin to poke around spiritual truths many of us have long known of and attempted to adhere to.

Famed psychologist Jordan Peterson continually speaks of biblical truths or perhaps symbolic concepts he sees embedded in the Bible.

Comments sections in Peterson’s online videos often reflect messages from those who are praying this esteemed public intellectual will truly come to know God through Jesus Christ.

Tucker Carlson also has noted his recent readings of Scripture and, as has happened with so many people, those readings are becoming growing foundations of topics of which he speaks.

His readings show an increasing seriousness about the Christianity to which he at least nominally professes.

Check out a recent speech of his carried on X, formerly Twitter. In it, Carlson notes how abortion — or as he calls it “human sacrifice” — is universal in human cultures.

The absurdity of such self-destruction of the species can only be described reflecting a “spiritual” fight and furthermore, Carlson says…

Wait. Stop.

If you don’t personally listen to Carlson’s sermon (and while he’d deny that description, it is) take a moment to at least look below at some of the words of this great communicator as he reflects new aspects in his personal journey (and sheds light on ours).

“For most of that time [the 22 years of covering the news] the debates we had in the political sphere were over competing visions of how to improve people’s lives,” Carlson said, noting contrasts between arguments of those for and against the minimum wage.

“Both sides were at least pretending to try to improve the lives of the people who voted for them.

“But when you wind up in an election where the two top ballot initiatives are 1) encouraging people to kill their own kids and 2) encourage their kids to do drugs — whose benefiting here?

“I’m serious!

“The one unalloyed source of joy in your life is your children! The point of life is to have children! And to watch them have grandchildren,” Carlson said to growing audience applause.

“Nothing will bring you joy like that will,” he said. “Nothing comes close! Nothing comes close. Would you change your job for your children?

“Would you trade anything for your children? Of course not. And so anyone telling you: don’t have children — kill your children — is not your friend, he’s your enemy.

“And by the way, it’s a very recognizable promise that they’re making to you, because it’s as old as time and it’s chronicled in great detail throughout the Hebrew Bible — it’s human sacrifice, which rears its head about every four chapters.”

“And which is singled out for approbation every time — of all the sins the ancients committed: that sin — every single time it’s described — is called ‘detestable,’ at least in the [Revised Standard Version of the Bible].

“Detestable,” Carlson continued. “God singled that out — throw your children into the fire.

“And why were people doing that? Because, of course, they believed they were getting power and contentment and happiness in return. All it’s going to take is to sacrifice your children.

“This is as old as time. Every civilization on the face of the earth has engaged in it. Every one! Not just the Mayans and the Aztecs, but the Scandinavians — my people …Even the Swedes did it,” Carlson said, nodding with a smile at the seeming absurdity. “I know. It’s embarrassing.

“But the archaeological record tells us human sacrifice — the sacrifice of children, the killing of children — is the one constant in human civilization.”

Carlson then raised the question of how scattered civilizations without contact with each other came to the same practice of human sacrifice which made them think “they would be happy or safe?”

Such practices are contrary to evolutionary biology where secular education teaches preservation of the species, Carlson said.

Rather, he referred to “outside forces” prompting people to believe happiness and safety come from killing their children.

“And that’s exactly what this is,” according to Carlson. “It’s a religious rite.

“This is not a policy debate. They’re not telling you that some girl got raped at 13 and she needs to go to college and therefore, unfortunately, you need to abort the child.

“No! That was 20 years ago. Now they’re saying: ‘Abortion is itself a pathway to joy.’


“So, this is not a political debate. This is a spiritual battle,” Carlson said to applause. “There’s no other conclusion.

“Take more drugs and be happy? Right, OK — less conscious. Less aware. Give your soul over. Dull yourself. Become a robot.

“Really? Those are the promises they’re making.”

Carlson then talked of responses to the critical moral issue of abortion by segueing into aspects of his own contemporary spiritual journey.

I’ll let you listen to them for yourself — they’re worth the few minutes they take.

He noted the bravery of the apostle Paul, facing multiple threats because he was a Christian, and compared it to the woman pastoring the Episcopal church he attended who shut down the church due to COVID.

While saying he had no intention of bashing the church of his family and ancestors, Carlson noted that where Paul fully expected to die at any time but had no problem with it, he contrasted it with his latter-day Christian minister shutting down the church for fear of death.

That prompted Carlson and his family to leave the church and are now conducting Episcopal liturgy at home.

Amazing individual, Tucker Carlson. Giving us a peek at his own faith and doubts, yet speaking like a prophet.

Here’s hoping his ongoing spiritual searching will show him a God that can provide joy even beyond the great blessing of having children.

In the meantime, preach it, Tucker.

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House Oversight Committee Launches Investigation Into Biden Official's EV Road Trip That Led to 911 Call

House Republicans are investigating Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s summer EV publicity trip that made news by having the police called on it.

As noted by WRDW-TV, on June 27 while Granholm was making her way through Georgia, a woman made a 911 call that led to police being dispatched when a staff member blocked the charger to ensure Granholm could drive up to use it.

“I’m calling because I’m at the Grovetown Walmart at the charging station, and there’s literally a non-electric car that is taking up the space. He says they’re holding the space for somebody else, and it’s holding up a whole bunch of people who need to charge their cars,” the 911 call went that reported the incident. The woman noted that on the sweltering June day, there was a baby in her vehicle that had to wait and wait and wait due to the blocked charger.

According to NPR, Granholm was in a Cadillac Lyriq, with an MSRP close to $60,000 and a stated range of up to 314 miles.

In a post on X, the panel said the misadventure “led to a Georgia family traveling on a hot day with an infant and a low charge on their EV battery to call 911 out of urgency as DOE employees used a non-EV car to ‘hold’ a charger for the incoming Energy Secretary because of limited, slow, and nonworking EV chargers along the route.”

“This comes as the Biden Administration continues its attempt to force a radical increase in EVs on America’s roads. In a letter to Secretary Granholm, Chairman Comer and Rep. Fallon request documents and communications to understand the purposes, costs, and consequences of Secretary Granholm’s trip,” the panel posted.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman Rep. James Comer of Kentucky and Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Energy Policy, and Regulatory Affairs Chairman Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas authored a letter to Granholm demanding details on the cost and logistics of the trip.

“We are alarmed by recent reports of your four-day summer 2023 electric vehicle (EV) road trip apparently intended to showcase the Biden Administration’s progress in achieving a radical green agenda,” Comer and Fallon wrote in their letter.

“Using an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, your Department of Energy (DOE) staff blocked off an EV-only charging station so you could stay on a schedule which was ‘painstakingly mapped out ahead of time’ because of limited, slow, and nonworking EV chargers along your route,” they wrote, noting how the Georgia family suffered for the sake of her schedule.

“This taxpayer-funded publicity stunt illustrates yet again how out of touch the Biden Administration is with the consequences of policies it has unleashed on everyday Americans,” they wrote.

The letter stated that the trip was “reportedly ‘intended to draw attention to the billions of dollars the White House is pouring into green energy and clean cars.’ Yet at every point on this journey, you relied upon ICE vehicles using gasoline to try to boost the charade of the effectiveness of green energy.”

“Your fleet of EVs could not complete the trip without the support of the fossil fuel industry which you and the Biden Administration have been intent to vilify and destroy.”

In addition to failing to charge vehicles fully in order to maintain the façade that only a lunch break was needed to keep going, the letter said Granholm “did not even make serious, practical decisions on the EV vehicles chosen for the road trip.”

“DOE avoided any use of Tesla vehicles or technology, which automakers who have invested billions in green energy are embracing,” the letter said, adding, “DOE’s exclusion of Tesla from your EV road trip raises questions whether the decision was politically motivated.”

A release from the panel said the investigation is part of a wider agenda.

“The Oversight Committee is investigating the impact of the Biden Administration’s attempt to force a radical increase in the number of EVs on America’s roads and to impose sweeping green regulation on traditional cars, trucks, other highway vehicles, and locomotives,” the release said, noting that  Environmental Protection Agency rules call for 67 percent of all new car sales be electric vehicles by 2032.

“A radical adoption of EVs through burdensome regulation poses risks to the already strained U.S. power grid and supply chain, removes consumer choice, and leaves domestic energy producers searching for answers.”

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Author of School Districts' Most-Challenged LGBT Book Speaks Out: 'Parental Rights Really Anger Me'

It tells us something when a person who is too confused to figure out their own gender wants to substitute his judgment for the judgment of millions of parents.

The author of one of the most banned novels in the country says “parental rights” make him angry and push him to write more such stories.

Alex Gino is the author of “Melissa,” a book about a boy named George who believes he is a girl. The book has been banned in four U.S. states and was No. 1 on the American Library Association’s most challenged list from 2018 to 2020, according to Yahoo News.

The book was initially published as “George,” but later renamed “Melissa.”

BookLooks, a website that rates children’s books, summarized the concerns in the book as follows: “This book contains alternate gender ideologies including transitioning commentary; inexplicit non-sexual nudity; and alternate sexualities.”

One part of the book describes how George feels while taking a bath. The passage reads: “She took off her shirt while the tub filled waiting until the last possible moment to take off her pants and underwear. She immersed her body in the warm water and tried not to think about what was between her legs, but there it was, bobbing in front of her,” according to the Des Moines Register.

Gino, who identifies as “nonbinary,” told Yahoo News, “Parental rights really anger me, because what about human rights? People who are under 18 are human and if you are keeping information about the world from young people, you are leaving them less prepared to learn how to be in the world.”

“If my book is going to get challenged, that to me is a sign that there are more stories that I need to write. And so I’m writing now about queer and trans kids who don’t just exist but who know each other and who have community and who get to thrive. If they’re going to say, ‘Don’t do it,’ then I better not tell myself not to do it. I better do it more,” he added.

According to the LGBT Foundation, “Non-binary is used to describe people who feel their gender cannot be defined within the margins of gender binary. Instead, they understand their gender in a way that goes beyond simply identifying as either a man or woman.”

Which sounds to me like gender limbo — neither here nor there.

So let’s let the most confused group of people in the world prepare children for the world instead of the people who care about them the most — that will definitely help them.

As parents, it is our duty to help simplify the path to adulthood and prepare our children to meet life’s challenges with clarity as far as we can.

Good parents watch the ratings on TV shows, keep safeguards on their kids’ computers, and keep books containing thoughts and ideas that solidify doubts into perpetual confusion out of their kids’ book bags.

Regardless of what some “nonbinary” author thinks, those who will walk that child through adulthood and beyond get the final say.

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Biden Gives Up After Botching Simple Acronym: 'Doesn't Matter What We Call It'

Joe Biden tried desperately, but failed and ultimately gave up Monday trying to pronounce a simple acronym for the name of the administration’s initiative to help build infrastructure in the Pacific Islands.

Appearing at the White House during a meeting with representatives of leaders from the Pacific Islands, the 80-year-old Biden attempted to talk about his administration’s Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative, or PIII.

“Today I’m pleased to announce we’re working with Congress to invest $40 billion in our Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative,” Biden said during the meeting. “We call it the P… PI — anyways, doesn’t matter what we call it but that’s what it is.”

Trying to make light of the evidently embarrassing moment, he said, “I was gonna get back to acronyms and I’m gonna withstand, not doing that.”

Biden’s verbal difficulties drew laughs from those in the room Monday, including some of the Pacific leaders in attendance.

(It wasn’t clear exactly what it was Biden was trying to pronounce. In acronym-ese — the official language of government speak — “PIII” would likely be “pie.” Or maybe “pies.” As an initialism, it might be “pee-eye-eye-eye.” Or potentially “pee-triple-eye.” It doesn’t seem very complicated.)

Will you be voting for Biden in 2024?

It was hardly the first time Biden has gone into an embarrassing verbal stumble. The president has suffered a growing number of gaffes as he appears at events all over the world.

Just last week, for instance, Biden was seen absently stumbling around the stage, bumping into the Brazilian flag, and then wandering off stage without shaking the hand of Brazil’s socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

And that wasn’t the first time that Biden awkwardly just walked off stage during an event. He did the same thing on Sept. 5 after presenting the Medal of Honor to retired Army Capt. Larry Taylor for his heroics during the Vietnam War.

Gaffes like this only add to the many lies he’s told at events such as these.

Biden constantly lies about his past to make himself the hero of his own story, to ingratiate himself with an audience, to pander to a minority group, or to enhance his experiences and qualifications.

For example, a week ago he once again trotted out the lie that he “taught classes” as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

He made the latest “teaching” claim during a speech at Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College.

In reality, Joe Biden never taught any classes at all when he was with the university.

There are too many other examples like this to list here. But to name a few, last month Biden claimed he actually saw a bridge collapse before his very eyes in Pittsburgh in 2022, when he most assuredly did not.

Then there is his beloved, but entirely fake, Amtrak story that he tells over and over again, a false story about a long-time Amtrak employee Biden claims he interacted with.

He has often claimed to have been born in the same hospital in which his “grand pop” died, but it isn’t true. Joe was born in Scranton and his grandfather died in Baltimore.

For years Biden claimed that a drunk driver caused the accident that took the life of his first wife, Neilia Biden, and the couple’s infant daughter at the beginning of Biden’s Senate career. (Biden was sworn in in the hospital where his sons who survived the crash were being treated.)

But the drunk driver claim is simply false. No charges were filed against the man, and reports indicated the crash was likely Neilia Biden’s fault. Yet, Biden told this drunk driver story for decades, infuriating the man’s family.

Then there is his recurring false claim that he was a top student in college and that he had a string of college degrees, none of which was true. He claimed he was in the “top half” of his class in school. In reality, he was 76th in a class of 85 students. This blatant lie along with several others uttered in 1987, helped lead to the collapse of his first campaign for president.

The White House is so afraid that this infirm and rapidly aging man will make the U.S. look like a weak actor that Axios even recently reported that aides are terrified that he’ll fall down on national TV again like he did in June.

None of this builds American confidence in the man in the Oval Office, of course. And pretty much all of it makes conservative Americans look forward to changing that man in November 2024.

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