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IMPORTANT NOTICE: SiouxlandFirst respects and supports our excellent Police & Fire Departments When a decision is made that a city or region be designated as a potential place to 'Go and Grow' is in no small part predicated upon the outstanding performance of these crucial services. They are the "got to have" amenities. SiouxlandFirst hopes that everyone will afford respect and appreciation for our professional Women & Men who posess that special dedication and uncommon courage that keeps us safe. To all law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and first respondents.. SiouxlandFirst asseverates a bold and heartfelt... THANK YOU!

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Ramp closure off Interstate 129 in Sioux City continues

The exit will be closed again during the same time period Friday, October 22nd. During the closure of the ramp, traffic will be redirected to Singing Hills Boulevard, where they will turn around and ...

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